Friday, May 29, 2009

One Lucky Squirrel

I was walking Carly this morning, and we were in the front yard. I noticed a squirrel running sort of awkwardly down the driveway next door. It looked like he had some kind of yellow flag sticking out the side of his mouth. He didn't seem startled or afraid to walk right by Carly on the Flexi leash. I watched him climb the tree, and when he came back around where I could see him, he was flat against the tree, and he was carrying an entire Butterfinger candy bar in his mouth. It was wider than his stretched out legs! I took Carly back inside and grabbed my camera. The photos aren't very good because the little squirrel went pretty high up in the tree, but I thought these were cute. He was VERY excited about the treasure he found for breakfast. I have no idea where a squirrel finds a Butterfinger candy bar just laying around, but I guess it was his lucky day!

Too bad Cooper wasn't here, it would have been a two-fer. Squirrel plus candy bar, definitely better than just a stupid old rabbit by itself!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Further Photographic Evidence

Of a bad Dog-mom.

Poor Kane, he was just laying on the patio, grazing on the weeds, and it started raining. His mom did not hear the rain, and Kane just waited patiently. I had to run out with the camera (rather than dry off the dog or console him or apologize for leaving him out in the rain) because his little outline with the stubby back legs was too cute for words. :-) I can almost see him with his front legs hanging off the edge of the cement, grazing in the rain.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy 13th, Uncle Gizmo!

Photo by Emily Rose

It's PARTY time!
He's officially a teenager now! I hope this is not the beginning of back-talk and rebellious behavior. Oh wait, Gizmo's always been a back-talker and trouble seems to find him no matter where he is! Love you Gizmo! Life would be very boring without you. :-)

Gizmo got Sonic ice cream treats after breakfast this morning, and the nice people at Sonic gave us enough to share with the rest of the family. Everydoggie LOVES their Sonic ice cream treat!

If any of our doggie friends DON'T live near a Sonic, then we are very, very sorry. Please ask your parents to move as soon as possible so you can share in the Sonic treats!

And the winner of the "Oh My Dog, this is the BEST stuff ever Giant Eyes Award" goes to....


*Editor's Note: Nick was unable to partake in the ice cream sharing party this morning because, when he initially arrived at the party, he tried to gulp the ice cream and the styrofoam cup all together in one bite...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Signs of Summer!

Notice the out of control tall-grass prairie in the yard from the over 8 inches of rain in April!

Maybe it's not officially here, but we've had a few days that actually feel like summer. Just some fun shots on a nice, sunny afternoon. Giz showing off his "summer cut." I know, it always looks like a chop shop haircut that first week or so, but he's got a lot of extra skin, and he can't stand too long on the table, so we just get the necessary fur off, and he's good to go. I love watching him after his summer cut, because he runs around and acts so much like a puppy.
Uh-oh, this is a new development in the last couple of weeks... Breezy and Darby pairing up as new BFF. Any way you slice it, this can only mean Double Trouble!!
And Syd, looking oh-so sweet from the smaller dog yard, watching the birds land on top of the privacy fence. It's almost impossible to see any resemblance in these photos to the cell phone eating creature from last week! :-)