Monday, June 14, 2010

A Note from Breezy's "Sister," Andi

When I arrived home from Flagstaff, I found this note from Andi, Breezy's new "big sister." It made me smile, and it also brought tears to my eyes. Can any of us want anything more for our dogs? You can click to see the note full-size. It's worth the read. I think Andi is very eloquent, and I know my Breezy is in good hands.

The note was accompanied by this beautiful art work. That's me on the left, Danielle in the middle with Breezy, and Andi jumping on the right.

editor's note: I did have to ask Danielle about the "tearing up the house" bit after I laughed out loud, and she said it was not a big deal, and Bree is behaving very well.