Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Kingsbury Puppies!

Happy 4th Birthday to the Josie x Jake puppies.

Bella, Bo, Breezy, sweet Encore (waiting at The Bridge), Meme, Sydney, and Tater.
(in order of lineup: Encore, Bo, Syd, Meme's tushy, Breezy,Tater facing the camera, and Bella)

(in order left to right: Encore at back of pool, Bo, Bella, Syd, Tater, Breezy, Meme)
The first baby puppies to come live at my house (at 3 weeks old), this group was so much fun, and just a year ago, I had the adventure of having Sydney and Breezy's puppies, the first generation of Hurrikane puppies. :-)

I hope all the Kingsbury puppies have a great 4th birthday, and they get plenty of extra treats!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

They Got to Move It, Move It

Who, us? No, we weren't doing anything... no rabble rousing going on out here. Really? Let's let the photos tell the story...

The cousins, Avery and Biscuit, have been separated for a whole week. You would have thought it was a year. When I finally let them play together Saturday, it was a giant frap & wrestling fest.

"Hey cuz, missed you."

Notice the Vallhund observers. These two were like line judges, keeping an eye on the game, but steering clear of the wild Cardigans!

You tell him, Avery! Love Avery's eyes and Biscuit's expression!

"Told you! You might be bigger than me, but I have skills!"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Holiday Surprise

When I arrived home from work last night, I was surprised to find a gift from Andi, Breezy's "sister." It was a thank you for keeping Breezy a couple of weekends ago when the family was out of town. Inside was a really cute ornament, with all the dogs' names printed on it. You'll get a better idea of what the ornament looks like when you see Andi's talent in her artwork. :-) I enjoyed the card so much, I thought I'd share...

Here's the front of the card, with a lovely rendition of Breezy and Andi at the bottom.

And then here's the inside of the card. What a good artist, and a sweet message. :-) And that drawing looks exactly like the pretty ornament that was wrapped up in the package!