Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Uncle Gizzer

Uncle Gizzer at his akka-punker appointment last week. Thanks to Aunt Jacque for taking him to see Dr. Perkins. Some days, an old dog just needs his needles, especially when winter arrives.
I haven't posted much because I have been away from home (and the dogs) so much in the last month, and I miss my kids. I don't like to see their photos much because it makes me miss them more. However, Jacque took Gizmo for his acupuncture and sent me a photo from her cell phone, and that cheered me up lots! Can I just say again, thank dog for good dog friends!!!


dreameyce said...

Handsome Mr Gizmo!

I can imagine you miss those pretty pups, and I can't wait 'til you're home, and back to blogging/posting pics ;0P (Sorry, I'm addicted to those Kingsbury dogs... *sigh* I think I need to join a support group ;0P)

penni said...

Sorry you're on the road. It's really hard to be away when you've left all the furry guys behind.

Will you be home for Thanksgiving week? Maybe you can catch up a little.

coopercreek said...

Yea! It's Uncle Giz, Cooper's favorite frapping pal. Hugs from Sullivan, MO.

Sarah, We hope you get to come home and chill soon!

Melissa said...

I sure wish we had a good one around here. Patti needs to come! I love to read about your adventures and miss your post!!!!