Thursday, March 19, 2009

Successful Amputation

This little guy named "Pinkie" is an all-time favorite, picked up at the Houston shows almost 2 years ago. He was invaluable in keeping a then 7 month old Sydney occupied and happy during a very busy show. I was working about 13 hour days all three days of that show. Thank goodness for Pinkie and his 8 legs, each with a squeaker, his rattle and squeaker head, and his crinkle-filled body.

Pinkie is a special guy (and washable too), not to be taken into the corner and chewed on. He's brought out for special bonding time and training and games of fetch. Last night, apparently Big Nick was able to retrieve Pinkie from the top of the kitchen counter, and within 5 minutes (it's always a matter of "Where's Nick? If I don't see him, he's likely up to no good!), I found a gory mess of fuzz and squeaker.

Quickly, I determined that Pinkie would require an emergency amputation to stop the loss of fuzz and squeak. It was the only option, lose the leg, or lose Pinkie altogether. What's a mother to do? Well, I performed the emergency amputation on the spot, and was able to stem the fuzz loss. Sadly, the squeaker from that leg could not be saved, it had squeaked it's last squeak at the mercy of Nick's strong teeth.

I am happy to report that Pinkie's smile looks just as happy today, with only 7 1/2 legs, as it did before the "accident." I just hope his octupus friends don't make fun of him. Syd was quite relieved at the positive outcome for her special friend, and I think she'll forgive Nick in time.

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penni said...

Bad Dog, Nick! All stuffees are not for dismantling.