Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scenes from Butte, MT

Our Lady of the Rockies on the Continental Divide.

I dunno what it is, but I loved the shadow with the sunset approaching. I'm sure it's something mining related! *** UPDATE*** I asked at the hospital this morning, and this rig is called a "head frame." There used to be pulley cables from the top down to the right, and the solid part on the left was an elevator down into the mine. I learned something new today.

Seeing Montana in person leaves little doubt as to why it's called Big Sky Country. I think this week is the first week they have not had some kind of snow.

Photos of the Berkley Pit, the biggest copper (?) mine in the state (or the country, I should have paid better attention).

I just loved the brick design on this building and the amazing purple flowering vine creeping over the walls.


dreameyce said...

I *LOVE* Montana. Thanks for sharing the pics. I secretly hope that Curt's job, takes us there in a few years :)

penni said...

Great photos. Thanks for taking me to Montana -- where I don't think I've ever been.

Sarah said...

It's so much different here in Butte from our trips to Billings. Billings literally sits inside this crater of the Rimrock and you don't see anything other than rock all around. If you drive up to the rim, you can see mountains in the distance and it's beautiful, open, blue sky all around. But the trip to Butte (and finally a bit of sun through the clouds yesterday) has been breathtaking with all the mountains right here!