Monday, August 24, 2009

Self-trained Contacts?

OK, so first, the obvious. Yes, I know this is a Vallhund video on the Cardigan blog! oops. But, after waiting the full 18 hours 37 minutes it takes to upload a short video, I decided it would just stay here. :-)

The A-frame is lowered to the full length of the chains. Darby and Breezy were precariously trying to climb the full-height A-frame during a super high speed frap session, so I felt it safer to lower it.

I never taught this to Darby, she just started running up and over the A-frame, and then one time she took her ball. I don't know if she got nervous at the top and thought she couldn't "walk and chew bubble gum" to get back down with the ball in her mouth, but she dropped it, and the ball rolled down the frame. Well, that looked like fun, so Darby ran after it, and then back up, roll, chase down, etc. etc.

Maybe she does have a future in agility? Or as a circus dog?


Dawn said...

That is so smart of her. I would say that yes, an agility dog for sure. What a cutie!

Janet said...

And a dog who can entertain herself!

I gave up trying to upload video to blogger. Easier to do on YouTube and then either link or embed in Blogger