Sunday, March 28, 2010


We didn't meet Maggie until she was about 12 years old, but she was, and likely will be, the most beautiful dog I've ever seen. She wasn't "grey," she looked like someone had powdered her with silver dust.

These are some of my favorite photos, from one of Maggie's sleepover visits to our house. She and Gizmo (Gizmo is Maggie's son from her first litter) would crawl up on one of the big dog beds and lay together.

We will miss you, Maggie, and we will always remember what a special girl you were, in and out of the show ring. And now I send my thoughts to Jacque and Don, and wish them peace as they grieve for their girl...


Evy said...

I didn't know she had died! I am so sad we never got to meet her. The pictures look very much like Basil.

Melissa said...

Words have left me. Thoughts going out to them.


TenseRider said...

Run at the Summerlands Maggie -
Peace, Linda Bickford