Monday, July 5, 2010

When Good Leashes Go Bad

This is what good leashes look like after they have spent the last three days curled up at the side of a major interstate, enduring rain and road debris without shelter.
And this is what leashes look like after they have been rescued from aforementioned side of interstate, and given a nice warm bath in sudsy water.

Let this be a lesson to all leashes out there that jumping off the roof of the car as it's driving down the interstate is NOT a good idea.


penni said...

It's very amazing that you found it. I have three of the kennel loops -- though I can only find two at any given time. I like them so much for walking dogs on a trip.

StubbyDog said...

I think it looks pretty darned good for being abandoned by its careless owner by the side of the road for several days. ;)

Sarah said...

Well, Penni, keep an eye out, because I'm pretty sure my black/white slip lead fell out of the car on one of our stops in the Albuquerque area. haaa. I'm thinking the parking lot at the Eubank dog park would be a good starting point! I obviously have trouble controlling my leashes.

yasashiikuma said...

You need leads like mine Sarah - with your kennel name and phone number on them :)

A quarter of the price of the ones at the shows ...and personalized!