Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Family Blog!

I realized today that Hawk has a Vallhund-specific blog to chronicle his activities (and more recently his new baby boy!), and Syd has a blog where I journal her progress and activities. But we don't really have a "family blog" where life in general is up for discussion. So, here it is, the general family blog for Hurrikane Cardigans (and Swedish Vallhund, Weimaraner, GSP/Lab mix, Tabby, and Cockatoo). Enjoy!


coopercreek said...

Cool. I get to leave the first comment. Yes, Kane told me he felt left out. That's why I put him on my blog-to remind him how special he is. And then Gizmo said he doesn't mind not being on a blog so bad as long as he gets his share of biscuits, but I told him I would put a picture of him on my blog, too. I just have to find the one I want and scan it.

Sarah said...

It's not JUST Kane's blog, it's a family blog. But, it's hard to ignore that Kane IS the HurriKane, and the foundation, so he gets to have his picture at the top. :-)

And today is Kane's birthday, so he has to have some special time.