Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Chillin' with the Crew

It's been an interesting week. Basically stuck at home, working from home, and not able to do much of anything, I've seen a different side of my dogs and our usual routine. I think my everyday life is so busy, I rarely even sit down during the time I'm at home. With so many paws to keep track of, it's a non-stop "I want in, I want out, Feed me, Fill the water bowl, She stole my toy" type activities. Bark, bark, wrestle, wrestle.

But this week, it's like a time out. The dogs are calm, and they spend most of the day laying around like speed bumps in various places around the house. When they are awake and moving around, there is no frenzy, no worry that someone might miss out on something fun.

It really makes me realize that things really need to change around here. It's time to re-prioritize and direct our time and energy to things that really matter. Perhaps the last couple of weeks are a blessing in disguise?

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