Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

The bees have moved to Kansas. I'm happy to report that they now live at Anthony's in their very own beehive. Tony was going to meet me this afternoon in between my work and his farm, but they had a glitch with the labels for a big order of lip gloss, so I offered to bring the bees out to the farm. When I arrived, I was greeted by these two characters. The red dog was quite insistent that he check out every inch of my van, and within two minutes, he found the agility gear bag and gently removed the treat bag. Tony apologized and returned the bag to me with an appropriate amount of mastiff slobber dripping from it!
Tony gave me a veiled hat and gave me a tour of some of the hives. I was not planning to go to the farm initially, so I did not bring my camera. The cell phone camera had to work in a pinch. It was very interesting to see the hives and learn more about how the bees live and overwinter.
Tony took my bees and got them a frame box of their own, and he put just one piece of an old comb on the bottom. He says that by tomorrow, they will have spread out enough that he can find the queen. There's nothing scientific about the transfer, he just dumped the bees out. Have a good life, little bees. Make lots of honey.
One of the combs from an established hive.


Garrett808 said...

does this mean you'll be an avid bee keeper in the near future? I have friends that are bee keepers...LOVE the fresh honey!!

Sarah said...

Ya.... NO. I was interested, and am easily amused with all things nature. However, at one point Tony peele up a bit of the wax and some honest-to-goodness honey oozed out. He offered that I could reach out and stick my finger in the raw honey and taste it. But for some reason, I could not make my brain tell my un-gloved hands to move closer to all those bees! I think I did well just walking out there to the hives bare-legged and bare-handed! I did ask Tony if he was afraid of the bees initially, and he admitted he was. So maybe there is hope for me yet!