Saturday, October 11, 2008

Laura Wins! Raptor Trivia...

OK, Laura wins! I'll be sending your $1 million prize to you right away.

"Cara" is a Crested Caracara. These birds are also called the Mexican Eagle.

Name That Bird. Hint: They are a national bird, and on a coin in one country. Her species is more closely related to the vultures and falcons than the other birds of prey. hmmmm.
*Maybe Jinnie knows*

They are not found in the Midwest, but this one was flying in my front yard today. She's 32 years old, and was hatched in captivity for a research project about this type of raptor. When she was five years old, this bird was permitted over to a raptor rehabber/educator. My good friend Doris Mager, Florida's Eagle Lady, is travelling through on her way out west to give lectures about birds of prey. I started volunteering with Doris and S.O.A.R. (Save Our American Raptors) when I was just 15. In college, I worked for the organization, and I get to see Doris every once in a while when her path crosses the midwest. She lives in North Carolina when she's not on the road. Believe it or not, Doris is 83!!! She's still going strong, and makes me feel old and tired. She's got this curious creature in her van, plus a Great-horned Owl, a Burrowing Owl, and a beautiful male American Kestrel. I'm hoping to catch some photos of the Kestrel tomorrow.

This funny bird was around when I was a kid volunteering. She always hated the SOAR volunteers, and would "heckle" us when we were cleaning her flight. She's quite the little character. See the orange skin on her face? Well, you can tell when this bird gets upset, because the skin turns yellow. They also have a very interesting call. It's a chatter, and then the throw their head backwards, and touch the top of their head to their back. I'll try to get some video of it tomorrow.

So, what is she? Anyone?


coopercreek said...

She's pretty neat looking. That's what she is.

Dawn said...

I don't know what kind of bird she is, some kind of Raptor? She is very striking and beautiful, but I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.

coopercreek said...

Okay, after doing some research on the internet, is it a Northern Caracara?

Now I must get off the computer and do some yard work. Too bad it wasn't a rainy day. LOL.

coopercreek said...

Just take the $Million off what I owe you for handling Cooper on his last major/championship.