Monday, December 1, 2008


Especially for Emily, a Maggie smile to help heal your heart...


dreameyce said...


Man, this sure did cheer me up. *sigh* I love that middle girl so damn much :( I really hope she lives forever. I'm not normally one to tear up, but I did just now.

It's amazing to believe a dog I've never even met, has had this big of an impact on my life for so long. Some of my best childhood memories were dreaming about my own 'Cowboy', as I called Maggie in my paper dogs games as a kid *G* She's so amazing.

a corgi said...

such a cute picture!!! thanks for entering the giveaway over at Koda's and my journal! YOU WON the movie! come see me to get my email address so I can get your address to mail the movie out