Monday, December 29, 2008

Nick Loves Santa!

Especially when Santa and Uncle Stacy are one and the same! Here's the "aww, how cute" photo of my three hooligans with Santa Stacy yesterday. Once we were finished with the group shot of all five corgis (over at Laura's , I brought out Nick to have our family photo with Santa Stacy. Gosh, aren't my dogs all so well-behaved??? haaa

Nick was good with the idea of the photo, and he was really behaving well at first. But then, well, let's just say that he discovered that the man in the funny suit and beard was his favorite Uncle Stacy. And since Nick is 10 years old, but his energy and enthusiasm make him more like 10 months old, chaos ensued! And Kane is all about things being in order, so his expression of exasperation at having HIS photo shoot interrupted is priceless. You just gotta love a dog who will *never* grow up!


Melissa said...

Santa Stacy loves Nick as well! He was disappointed that he didn't get to say bye, but says what is really important is saying hello! If there ever was a dog who stole his heart that belonged to someone else it would be "Big Nick". Whether 10 months or 10 years he has stolen Stacy's heart.... and mine!

a corgi said...

how cute!!! they were well behaved, well sort of!! great pictures!!