Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Congratulations, Kane (only two years late)

Woops, I have no idea how I did not know this, but my laziness alerted me to yet another proud mom moment. I looked at the calendar and realized that there are only a few close-by opportunities to get Kane brushed up on his Open B obedience. I plan to enter him at the specialty in April, just to support the club, and hope he qualifies! His CDX and obedience trials are 2 years behind him. So, as I'm entering him in the Wentzville show and trying to remember his registration number, I am too lazy to actually leave the computer or go through the tedious steps to log in to my account at the AKC website to look it up. I opted to Google his name, hoping one of his show entries would pop up and I could get his registration number.

One of the Google listings was the Front & Finish obedience rankings for 2006. I opened the link and did a search through the document for his name. Kane trialed 6 times in 2006, two days in March and four days in May. He finished his CDX in 5 trials, placing 4th in Open A (class of 25 entries), and the last day winning a run-off for 3rd place in that same class of 25 entries in Open A. The 6th trial was bonus, at the CWCCA specialty, where he won 1st place in Open A. So it never occurred to me to check rankings or anything. What I discovered Friday is that Kane was ranked as the #4 Cardigan in obedience for 2006, with only 6 trials to his name that year. Huh, imagine that! :-) Good boy, Kane! I think I owe you an extra cookie, and it's only 2 years late.


dreameyce said...

Yea for google, and congrats to both of you for your hard work, and well earned rankings- 2 years ago :)

I can't wait to finally meet him! He's one of the reasons I fell for red/sable Cardigans :)

coopercreek said...

Yea for Kane, and Cooper and I got to watch him in action at a few of those trials.

a corgi said...

if a cardigan is anything like a pembroke, I'm sure he forgave you when you gave him the cookie and probably tried to entice another one as well

congrats to him!! I'm like you; too lazy sometimes to move from this computer screen; glad I'm not the only one LOL


Sherilyn said...

Congrats to both of you!!:) Way to go Kane!