Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Zen and Zzzzs

This afternoon, Kane, Giz, and Syd went to see their favorite vet. The dogs love to go see Dr. Perkins because she is their chiropractic/acupuncture veterinarian. This is always the most relaxing time for the dogs (and for me). Aunt Jacque gave Giz the best Christmas present ever. She gave him a gift certificate to go see Dr. Perkins for an acupuncture visit. Kane and Sydney had chiropractic adjustments. Kane gets a little hitch in his giddyup sometimes, and Dr. Perkins gets him all back together. Sydney is just fine, but since she's getting serious about her agility training, I want her to keep up with maintenance to be sure she stays healthy and happy.

Gizmo always gets his needles when he visits Dr. Perkins. Then his needles get hooked up to some electro-stimulation, and it's Lights-Out for Gizmo. The office has some really great relaxation music playing, and it's quiet and peaceful. Once Kane and Syd had their adjustments, they sacked out while Gizmo had his acupuncture.

Gizmo looks like he's mad, but it isn't because of all the needles. It was because I was trying to get a photo and he was fighting to keep his eyes open. For a dog who can't sit still for two seconds, the dog is a wet noodle (a snoring wet noodle) during and after his 30 minutes of acupuncture.

I was afraid that Giz might fall off the table today. He was completely asleep, arm and head lolling precariously off the edge. I always love the needles in his head. The first photo shows his Tinky Winky needle, and this photo shows his Antennae needles. :-) Notice the semi-comatose Kane snoozing on the floor.

Syd learned very quickly that the second chair in the room was much more comfortable than the cushioned flooring. This is about as serene as this little girl has ever been! I admit, I even take the time to relax and I often close my eyes and take advantage of the peace and quiet.


Anonymous said...

They all look so relaxed!! I'm glad Gizmo is still going strong!

Garrett808 said...

Oliver gets to go to the Chiropractor/Acupuncture vet near Fargo every month. He loves it and looks like a brand new dog each time we walk out. Ell also goes as she had a 'hot spot' along her spine. The doc said her neck was more out of whack than her back as she tugs and 'kills' toys by shaking her head from side to side. I'd love to get Sadie and Zoe in there too but money can only go so far!

Ell only gets the chiro part, while oliver gets the whole sha-bang. Poor Oliver is getting scholiosis and his discs are fusing/calcifying on his back......

some call it the corgi curse.....(the chiro/acupuncture vet)

on a side note where do you get your patella's xrayed?

a corgi said...

wow, this is how dog savvy I am not; I didn't realize they had dog chiropractors or acupuncturists; something to keep in mind to look for, for Koda. bet he would like that a lot!!

loved the pictures!


a corgi said...

thanks for your comment about Koda being emotionally scarred/scared after his traumatic event today; my hubby and me walked him tonight and he was a bit jumpy (so was I, LOL, every little noise and I was turning around); he's real clingy to me too; I'm just loving him and giving him lots of extra attention :)

(we lived in Montana for 8 years; that was an old picture of him from our Montanan days; he loved the snow!!)

hope you are doing well :)