Friday, January 23, 2009

Take a Boe-Woe, Nick

Nick deserves to take a Bow-wow, or in Nick's case, a Boe-Woe. One night this week, everyone was sound asleep. Nick usually sleeps at the foot of my bed, unless he's snoring in my ear, sharing my pillow! On this night, I was sleeping soundly, and did not hear any commotion until Nick alerted. I awoke to those sounds we dog-moms identify immediately as "not the normal bark." Not only was Nick barking, he had jumped the gate from the hallway into the living room, and he was standing on the back of the sofa (yes, all 95 pounds of him perched on the back of the sofa like a cat). He had pushed the plantation blinds out of the big front window, and his entire body was taking up the window. I could hear the window vibrating back the low growling and barking. I did not know what time it was, but it was still pitch black, so I knew it was definitely before 6am, and something was not right.

I had not heard anything prior to Nick's barking and growling, so I eased up toward the front door, ready to peer out the two small windows at the top of the door. I anticipated seeing a wayward dog or cat, even a raccoon in the yard, or something equally as dangerous, like a trash can lid blowing through the yard with our heavy winds!

Instead, I had a major adrenaline rush when I tiptoed up to the front door windows and found myself eye to eye with a man standing on my front porch. EEEEKKKK. I hollered through the door, asking who he was looking for. In the end, it turned out to that he was looking for the same house number on the next street over, but it was still scary. And after all was over and I was way too alert to go back to sleep, I figured out that it was 4am. I never heard the man knock or ring the doorbell at all. But thank goodness Nick did, and I am definitely glad to know the Big Dog is around to watch out for us.


dreameyce said...

"I am definitely glad to know the Big Dog is around to watch out for us."

That's a big reason why I have my Cove and Wii. Traum is more protective of me, but just SEEING those two would make anyone think better.

I keep saying when we move to the real boonies, I want a Neo, Fila, or big fuzzy guardian breed ;)

StubbyDog said...

Wow! That would have freaked me out. And I'm not sure I believe his story about looking for the same number, honestly. I'm glad you have Nick looking out for you too. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Yeah right I say. Wrong house. Good dog Nick!

Sherilyn said...

Way to go, Nick!! What a good boy, protecting Mom like that!! Extra doggie cookies for you, big guy!

As for the "lost" man at 4am? Yeah, right! Good thing our 4 legged protectors are always on the job!

a corgi said...

good for Nick!!! such a great watchdog!

they are so smart, we just have to listen to them when they are trying to alert us about something


coopercreek said...

OMG. I bet your heart started pounding when you saw him out your window.

Good job Nick.

Melissa said...

I always knew there was a reason he was our favorite! Way to go Nick!