Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kane's Weekend

Kane and friends stayed with the Kingsbury gang while the Vallhunds went to Texas. We were delayed with car trouble (that turned out not to be car trouble), and did not get home Sunday night as expected.

Monday morning I was texting Jacque to be sure the dogs were OK and she had enough food, etc. etc. Jacque texts me back: Your dogs are fine here. Mr Sassy Pants thought he was goin' home last night so he's in a snit here today, although breakfast seemed to take his mind off it!

Poor Kane, he really likes to keep to a schedule, and he does NOT like a last minute change in plans. I guess he was a bit vocal and gave Jacque a talking to and flea-biting tantrum Monday morning! When I picked up the dogs last night, I did not have enough crates for everyone for the short trip home. I put Kane in the front, and notice that he was not going to let me off the hook for leaving him an extra day. He would not look at me, and he leaned as far to the other side of the car as possible. He's not spoiled or anything...


Dawn said...

Oh my, just like my Grace, we know when they are not pleased don't we. Silly Kane. Hopefully you will be forgiven shortly and you will get those lost snuggles.

Sherilyn said...

LOL Phantom is the same way...if I pay too much attention to another dog, he tries his hardest to ignore me, and I have to make up with him. I remember we were watching Westminster and I was cheering for Harry P, and even though Phantom had been watching, he looked at me, looked at Harry P on the tv, then turned his back to both of us! He was jealous because Mom was cheering for the other Cardigan on tv. He wouldn't make up to me until the next day. Silly dogs!! They are SO human sometimes! LOL

Glad you are home, and good to hear it wasn't car troubles. What was wrong?


Sarah said...

The trip home was eventful from the start. Traffic was stop and go all the way to Waco. It took us almost 4 hours to go 150 miles. yuk. When we got to Hillsboro, TX, the van lost power steering, and if I pushed on the gas, there was no acceleration and rpms went down. Oil pressure light came on, and we were very lucky we were at an exit and could coast into the 7-11 parking lot. With no power steering, it was a challenge!

After the car sat for an hour waiting on the tow, the tow driver started it right up and I was able to drive with full power, no indicator lights on, and moved it to where it could be loaded on the tow truck more easily.

We thought about whether we should try to go on, but the temps were around 105, and with the dogs, and the traffic and lack of exits and road shoulder, we decided it was safest to take the tow and go to the dealership.

The dealership did full diagnostic testing, checked all belts and everything in the engine, and found NOTHING. They even ran it for an hour with closed off airflow to try to replicate running hot, and it never faltered. It's good that there was no expensive repair required, but nerve rattling to think of the long trip in the heat (it was 107 when we drove through OKC yesterday), wondering if we would have trouble.

In hindsight, people have told me it could have been a vapor lock because of the heat, or something that got clogged in the exhaust or fuel system and then cleared itself when the car cooled, or who knows.

It cost an extra day on the road, and it stressed me out, but I am glad we stayed over and had the van checked out.

When we left Cleburne, TX (9 1/2 hours from KC), we decided to buy a bag of ice in case of emergency, so that if we broke down, we could at least wrap the bag of ice and keep it under the dogs to keep them safe.

In a plug for Costco, I had two of the Costco cooler bags in the van, and we put the bag of ice in one of those cooler bags, and it was almost completely frozen and intact more than 10 hours later when I arrived home. No small feat in these temperatures!

So, we are all home now, Kane seems to be over his snit, and Darby has been reunited with her two best pals, Bree and Syd. All is well with the world (at least until I get home and see the pile of bags that need to be unpacked, and the yard that needs mowing, and the laundry and dishes waiting for me).