Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We have been doing some dog show traveling with our friends Michelle and Skyla. Skyla is Darby's BFF outside of her sisters Bree and Syd. We think she's very pretty, and she loves to play.
(please note, the photo of Darby and Skyla is taken at our completely renovated Motel 6 in San Antonio. Platform beds-great for short dogs to run under, laminate flooring, flat screen TV built into the wall)
Sky and Michelle graciously hosted Darby for a week when I had to travel to Montana for work. We traveled to South Dakota for shows, and then they came along with us to San Antonio. Alas, not even Skyla was immune to the sombreros for dogs campaign. She thought maybe it was just a "Vallhund Thing" but she discovered that she was also going to have to endure the humiliation right along with her Vallhund friends.

Darby was really happy to have her friend Skyla along with us on the trip, especially when we had to stop the van and stay over an extra night in Texas. Darby's mom was really glad Skyla's mom was with us on the trip, especially when we had car trouble and had to stay over an extra night in Texas! I hated that Michelle had to miss another day of work and that we lost an entire day, but she is definitely very calm and cool in a crisis!


penni said...

It's nice to have good company for the travels and travails. Skyla does not look pleased with her sombrero though she is a cute senorita.

Kim said...

Seriously sad puppy with that sombrero!