Monday, November 9, 2009

The last "normal" week around here

Of course, "normal" is all relative! I'm going to try to get about three weeks worth of stuff done this week, but it's the last of the normal schedule before the excitement begins. No, no puppies are due next week, but next Monday, I got one of the very limited tickets to go to the P-Dub (aka PW, The Pioneer Woman) book signing. It should be fun. And once I get my cookbook, I will promptly go through it, mark the pages, and hand it over to my friend Jen. She loves to cook/bake, and when I was in Montana, I saw a really great recipe for pumpkin muffins on PWs blog. I emailed the recipe to Jen and asked her if she could "whip these up" after I got back from Montana. I was just kidding, but when I got back to the office, Jen came in with a big pan of pumpkin muffins! Hmm, this might work out well!

And then the second fun activity for next week is, well, you Twilight fans know, Friday is New Moon. The bonus is that this dinner theatre has an age restriction, so we are guaranteed that no screaming tweens will be in our theater. :-)

Once next week is over, then it's puppy-watch for Thanksgiving week, and again the next. "Normal" life will be a thing of the past, at least for the winter!


penni said...

It sounds like an ambitious plan -- how are you going to handle two litters at the same time? I get a headache just thinking about it!

Sarah said...

I know it will be lots of work and lots of time, but I'm not freaking out about the puppies, I'm more worried about managing the adult dogs to be sure they stay happy while I'm busy with puppies. But it'll all work out, I have lots of help lined up. Now I'm just looking forward to the babies arrival and hoping that everyone is healthy and happy.

Janet said...

Laura and I are planning to go see P-Dub in Nashville in December.

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Holly said...

It all sounds very exciting. There is no boring winter in your household!

stjocorgi said...

Holy Crow! What excitement, book signing, New Moon, AND puppies coming....I'm pea green.

Evy said...

Puppies already? I am dog ignorant when it comes to birthin' puppies. It seems like it should take years to create such beautiful creatures.