Monday, November 16, 2009

Lunch Time with P-Dub

Today was P-Dub's book signing day in Kansas City. I just feel badly for PW that the weather turned ugly this morning, and Lori and I drove through a sleet/rain mix to go pick up our books. Oh well, she understands the weather in the Midwest!

I think I would get really tired of smiling all day, every day. It must get old, especially knowing how many days of book signing she's already done. But she never stopped smiling, so props to PW for making everyone feel like we were the only person she talked to today.

And this, friends, is what happens when you make Lori tag along and stand in a long line before she has lunch! Poor Lori, she's a great friend, I dragged her to Westminster with me (she has c*ts), and now I make her go to a cookbook signing.

Finally it was my turn. P-Dub is dangerous with a Sharpie.

OK, so truth be told, we had to do a second photo because this was the first. I think I'm physically incapable of talking without moving my hands! I was explaining to PW how I'm probably the only person at this book signing who does not cook (I like to cook and bake, just no time and no patience for it anymore) and does not have kids! :-)


Lybertygirl said...

Janet and I are going to try to cathc P-Dub when she hits Nashville!

Janet said...

Let's be clear - we are going to try to "catch her" not "catherize her."

BevB said...

Saw PW on Bonnie Hunt today- all her dishes had whiskey in them. Good woman! LOL