Friday, January 8, 2010

Nick's New Perch, Happy 11th Barkday!!!

So Nick has always been a litte, um, different. I really think that in his 11 years,

Happy 11th Barkday, Big Nick!
he has never realized just how big he is. I tease and call him World's Biggest Corgi because he's pretty sure he's a Cardigan.

Yesterday, I took Darby's bed out of her crate and replaced it with a towel. I didn't want the bed to get soaked with all the snow that covered Darby. I just set the bed on top of her crate for lack of better place to put it. Late yesterday afternoon, Nick was on the back of the sofa, looking out the front window. Then a few minutes later, he was sitting on top of Darby's crate looking out the window. And now, I find him just like this, almost any time he's relaxing. I guess he likes the cushy memory foam bed! He's got a cushy 4 inch foam bed in his own crate, but I guess that's not as much fun.

And please notice, this is only a 30 inch wire crate, a 300 size, for a 22 pound Vallhund! And Big Nick is about 90 pounds. Notice the top sagging? Don't worry, Darby isn't in the crate when Nick is lounging on top of it.

This is all new, because Darby's crate is normally in the kitchen. But with the Puppy Takeover , Darby has temporarily relocated to the living room.

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