Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Kingsbury Puppies!

Happy 4th Birthday to the Josie x Jake puppies.

Bella, Bo, Breezy, sweet Encore (waiting at The Bridge), Meme, Sydney, and Tater.
(in order of lineup: Encore, Bo, Syd, Meme's tushy, Breezy,Tater facing the camera, and Bella)

(in order left to right: Encore at back of pool, Bo, Bella, Syd, Tater, Breezy, Meme)
The first baby puppies to come live at my house (at 3 weeks old), this group was so much fun, and just a year ago, I had the adventure of having Sydney and Breezy's puppies, the first generation of Hurrikane puppies. :-)

I hope all the Kingsbury puppies have a great 4th birthday, and they get plenty of extra treats!

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Sherilyn said...

Too cute!! Happy Barkday to all! :)