Wednesday, December 22, 2010

They Got to Move It, Move It

Who, us? No, we weren't doing anything... no rabble rousing going on out here. Really? Let's let the photos tell the story...

The cousins, Avery and Biscuit, have been separated for a whole week. You would have thought it was a year. When I finally let them play together Saturday, it was a giant frap & wrestling fest.

"Hey cuz, missed you."

Notice the Vallhund observers. These two were like line judges, keeping an eye on the game, but steering clear of the wild Cardigans!

You tell him, Avery! Love Avery's eyes and Biscuit's expression!

"Told you! You might be bigger than me, but I have skills!"


penni said...

It's amazing that the fun rarely results in injury. I don't think you should keep them apart anymore.

Builder Mama said...

I love the look on the Vallhund's faces...they look bemused at the wrasslin' going on. Looks like everyone had fun!

Sarah said...

This was a really wild play session, usually there is a bit of wrestling and whole lotta running.

Penni, it was only because it was absolutely, hormonally necessary, if you know what I mean... ;-P

Taryn said...

That Biscuit is a gorgeous boy! I love the markings on his face!

Cardis are definitely rough players. Mine play so fiercely I expect to hear bones snapping. Visiting dogs are usually wary of the play style, to say the least!

Merry Christmas!