Monday, April 20, 2009

Gizmo to the Rescue - Parade

Gizmo was entered in the Rescue Parade this year. He has not participated in the Rescue Parade since 2004 at the Lake St. Louis specialty. I think he really enjoyed his time in the ring. I know I'm lucky to have him. He has brought so much to the family over the last 6 1/2 years, and he trully opened the doors for me to meet some of the most fantastic people in Cardigans. Without him, I would never have had the chance to have my beautiful girls and a great friendship with someone I consider a wonderful mentor.

Thanks for taking these photos of Gizmo's special moment in the spotlight, Laura! I just realized I have *very* few photos from the specialty, because I never had my camera out. I took some with other cameras for people, but I have very little to share in the way of photos. Hey Emily, when you have a chance can you post the one of Gizzer moving in the ring? I swear, he thinks he's a show dog, and his side gait is pretty spectacular for an almost 13 year old dog with pins in his pelvis! I told Gizmo that he SURELY would have won the "Neutered, Used-to-be-Brindle-but-now-Grey, No-tailed, Deaf" Class in the Megan. Somehow that class didn't get published in the premium, though.


coopercreek said...

No problem, Sarah, and that explains why I have no pictures of Gizmo on my blog. I forgot I was using your camera. I might have to steal them so he's not left off my blog. :-) Gotta have Uncle Giz there too!

Sarah said...

Funny, because I was looking for all the pix I took of you and Carly. Well, duh, I had YOUR camera! I guess we'll have to circle around to all the blogs to get the big picture!

dreameyce said...

"Ring around the blogging..." haha

I'm working towards the Gizzy Uncle pics. I've almost finished sorting out day 3 pics! WOO HOO!

Got your e-mail, I'll respond when I can.

Anonymous said...

hee! hee! I like the division you gave Gizmo! He's such a good fellow!